As part of a student project, I created a newsletter for the brand Sabe Masson. The Sabé Masson brand is above all values carried by its founder Isabelle Masson-Mandonnaud. They are based on a real scientific and ecological conscience, for the needs to be consistent with humans. In April 2015, the first store opened its doors in Paris, in the Marais, since the brand continues to grow and evolve.

With this moodboard I wanted to represent the newsletter in pastel colors and to create a harmony

After newsletter I integrated on sendinblue


Simple typographies were used for the texts and buttons to ensure readability for users. Search for a certain finesse through these.




Before making the moodboard I studied deeply this brand and after my clients opinions about it I chose pastel colors as their products packagings and I let the same logo as they are using since it presents good their identity.

    Here you can see final view of newsletter